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Sewing Techniques for Beginners

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Brand: Diverse

Knowing how to sew will make you a better designer; you will learn what is possible, and be inspired by the creative possibilities of sewing techniques.

In this book you will start by learning the basics: how to choose tools; how to choose and use thread; pressing techniques; and how to choose and use appropriate interfacings and linings. Basic techniques include seam and hem finishes, sewing buttons and buttonholes, working with knit fabrics and finishing details including bindings and spaghetti straps, tailored pockets and zips. Each lesson is illustrated with step-by-step photographs.

NB! Ingen mønster i denne boken - kun syteknikker. Mange bilder av hvordan de ulike teknikkene utføres.

Format: paperback
Språk: engelsk
Utgivelsesår: 2019

Antall sider: 352

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